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Alabama Crimson Tide Stats

Graphing the Tide vs. Georgia: ROLL TIDE WOOOOOOOO!

Efficiencies and explosiveness were basically tied, so the turnover (and a few other factors) won the game.

Alabama Basketball will miss Charles Bediako far more than his stat line suggests

Angry Chuck and Brandon Miller made this team run.

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 13

Georgia was quite efficient. Florida was not. Kentucky was explosive for some reason. And more.

Graphing the Tide at Auburn: Bama was more efficient, but the Red Zone betrayed us

Bama was better, but had trouble finishing and had to rely on miracles instead

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 12

There were lots of explosive offenses during cupcake week, but the most explosive one was strange.

Graphing the Tide vs. Chattanooga: A cupcake reprieve

This is about as good a "tune up" game as you can ask for

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 11

Yeah, Georgia looks real good (statistically speaking)

Graphing the Tide at Kentucky: Bama was better *for the whole game*

Maybe for the first time this season, the Tide had the advantage from start to end (and especially on 3rd down)

Masterclass: Tommy Rees’ playcalling vs. LSU wonderfully turned an opponent’s strength against them

If Alabama can get that version of Tommy Rees on a weekly basis, then his reputation evolves from much-maligned to downright hot commodity.

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 10

Mississippi State has been so bad (and other news)

Graphing the Tide vs. LSU: it was so close

But fortunately the Tide got the stop and the break

Giving Away Money Special Edition: LSU at Alabama Point Spread Pick and Analysis

Does the Crimson Tide have enough in the tank to get this one?

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 9

Other teams apparently do play during Bama bye week.

Alabama’s 2023 Offense just isn’t the same... Or is it?

Alabama points are way down this year, but so are total plays across the country

Graphing the Tide vs. Tennessee: Second halves and red zones, yet again!

The efficiencies averaged out near a tie, except for a few key categories

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 8

In a week with fewer games, Mizzou was respectable in both tables

Third Saturday in October 2023: Lesser Known Matchups That Could Decide Alabama-Tennessee

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 7

I took the excuse to put Bama in the picture

Giving Away Money Special Edition: Third Saturday in October Point Spread Analysis and Prediction

The only thing better than beating Tennessee is making money off Alabama beating Tennessee. Can the Tide do it?

Graphing the Tide vs. Arkansas: more decisive than it looked

Defense was mostly great, but the Alabama offense still only plays 1 to 2 quarters per game.

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 6

Ok, fine, I’ll put Georgia in the picture

Graphing the Tide at Texas A&M: Just pass the dang ball, I guess

The slow start appears typical, but leaning on the pass was a surprise winning strategy in a low-efficiency game

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 5

LSU leads the efficiency list ... in a loss?

Graphing the Tide at Miss State: Niblack, Milroe, and ... murderball?

The Tide were respectably efficient and explosive, and that’s a good day in my book.

Giving Away Money Special Edition: Alabama at Mississippi State Point Spread Pick

Can the Tide carry momentum across the state line into Starkville?

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 4 (and 3)

Stuffing two weeks into one here. Woo Pig vs. Corndogs was the most efficient game this week.

Graphing the Tide vs. Ole Miss: 4th Quarters good. Red Zones bad.

The Tide almost sunk into a hole in the 2nd quarter, but recovered to get an SEC win.

Giving Away Money Special: Ole Miss at Alabama point spread pick

Old school game wrapped up in modern trappings.

Graphing the Tide at USF: Not as bad as it looked

Though that doesn’t change how it felt to watch it.

Curiosities: 13 Questions Behind the Box Scores

The questions that remain behind some of the most baffling box scores

Graphing the Tide vs. Texas: The Tide got worse every quarter

But somehow the advanced metrics still look close

Graphing the SEC, 2023 Week 2

The Tide and Longhorns are both the least efficient and most explosive of the bunch. Florida was the opposite.


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