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College Football Playoff Selection Open Thread

Will the Tide be granted the chance to win it all?

NCAA Football: SEC Football Championship-Georgia at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the time is here. After a rocky start to the season, Alabama has gone on an 11-game tear, beating many of the best teams in the country, including taking down the two-time defending national champions and #1 overall Georgia Bulldogs.

Will it be enough for the committee? Who knows. No other team has a stronger collection of wins. But I do appreciate that the committee is in an awkward logical spot with this one.

Michigan is undefeated in the Big 10, and even if you don't really think the Pac 12 is on the level of the other conferences, Washington is undefeated as well, though they've struggled their way through a lot of games. It's highly unlikely they aren't the top 2.

Then there's Florida State, who started the season hot but stumbled their way through a pathetic ACC and lost their QB to injury. But they're undefeated.

For the one loss teams, you have Alabama, Texas, Georgia, and Ohio State. OSU probably has the weakest resume here, but they went into the week ranked higher than Bama and Texas.

Texas struggled through a lot of the season and took the worst loss of the group to a meh Oklahoma team, but they also beat Alabama.

Georgia could also claim to have had the best regular season and best loss, but they likely fall behind.

However it shakes out, a fanbase or two will be angry and have a very legitimate reason to be angry.

Hope for the best, and Roll Tide!