Dear FSU Fans: It Wasn't Our Fault

It's so easy to be mad, and it's even easier to be mad at us. We didn't do it. It's easy to be mad at the committee. They *DID* do it, but they're also not the real problem.

Here are some peeps you should be big mad at.

#1: The ACC: A one-team conference isn't a great selling point. Louisville - be honest - isn't that good. UNC shit the bed. Clemsoning is a thing. NC State came on late, but... not enough. The ACC is way, way, way down and you guys got screwed by it. Your commissioner did you no favors with that TV deal either. Your fellow conference mates need to do better. Or you need to bounce for a better one...

#2: The BIG. That's right. Michigan and Ohio State, specifically. Aside from a very mortal Notre Dame, who did either of them play? Penn State? James Franklin is cashing big checks to choke in every big game he coaches. And the other division is trash - Iowa won it, and ten games without an offense. That's how "good" the BIG is. Why be mad at them? Because they're flat out cowards. They won't do what you did. They won't schedule quality programs in the out-of-conference schedule. You have balls. They have diapers.

#3: Michigan specifically. These cheating assholes are going to get away with it. From mediocre to media darlings just coincidentally while stealing signs. They did not steal TCU's. Guess what happened? If anyone deserves to be left out of the playoff, it's these clowns. They'll bang that "moral high ground" drum really loud. I hope we beat them into kindling with it.

#4: The Alliance. This year could have been the 12 team year if there weren't for the ACC, BIG, and PAC commissioners. Their... Hubris? Incompetence? Butthurt? Cost you a playoff spot and a chance to prove what you and I know.

#5: The PAC12/10/2 however many are left. Here's another conference built on lies. UW's out of conference "test" was a reeling and awful Michigan State. Their quality wins were against Oregon (who played powerhouse Texas Tech), and Arizona. The committee loved them some Arizona. Reminder: they lost to Mississippi State. The SEC West Co-Doormat award winners with Arkansas. They haven't played anyone with a pulse, and Utah doesn't count without their #1 QB and RB. Hm. Wonder if that had an effect? (Notably, the committee refused to drop Utah very far until after their third loss - all with the backup QB and RB - that's foreshadowing...).

#6: The Committee. I'm convinced the lazy nut jobs did not watch a single game until championship weekend. They were just reading the hot takes. Oregon being ahead of Texas and Alabama was just nonsense. If they'd watched ALL of the games and considered the strength of schedules, advanced metrics, and basically just gave a rat's ass, this would look very different. And letting Michigan continue their charade even though everyone in the sport knows they were cheating their nuts off is inexcusable. This committee has been antithetical to their mission all year only to remember it at the last minute, and by then they'd fucked it up so badly that they couldn't fix it.

So, Alabama did not steal your playoff spot. Texas did not either. Those cowardly jerks in the BIG and the PAC did by scheduling themselves a list of bodybag games and grinding through their pansy schedules "bravely."

We know what it feel like when you're definitely one of the four best and get left out. It's happened to us before. Now, if you're constructive and real, focus your anger on preparation. Georgia can be had. By you. They're historically not a great let down team. Take these three weeks and change, get that second string five-star QB (or four, whatever), and give him reps after reps. And when the game comes, boat race them. Prove to the committee they fucked up like you think they did.

We did it last year. You do it this year. We're rooting for you and Jordan Travis.

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