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Jumbo Package

Jumbo Package: Alabama will need Dallas Turner to help defeat Georgia

One of the nation’s best pass rush groups vs one of the best at pass protection. This is going to be a fascinating battle.

Jumbo Package: The latest abominable Rankings make ‘Bama’s path to the playoffs narrower than ever

So, we’re really doing this, huh?

Jumbo Package: Happy Thanksgumping!

The Tide are relaxed and focused on the eve of the Arn Bow. Are you?

Jumbo Package: It’s almost Recruiting Season, and Alabama is right in the thick of things

Alabama’s getting a lot of attention for improved play at just the right time for National Signing Day coming around soon

Happy Gump Day! Tommy Rees named surprise Broyles Award Semifinalist

Guess they’ve been reading our stuff, huh?

Jumbo Package: Second-Half Kevin Steele is the secret ingredient

You might score on Alabama in the first half... But you better score enough to win, because you aren’t getting many more points

Jumbo Package: The Playoff Committee is too busy shopping for clown shoes to do their damned job

You and I both know what this is: everyone gets a trophy with these Bozos.

Jumbo Package: Alabama is in for a season-deciding game vs LSU

Slowing down Jayden Daniels in the run game will be key. Can Alabama’s linebackers do it?

Happy Gump Day! Alabama finds itself in striking distance in the first CFP committee ranking

"I am sore wounded but not slain. I will lay me down and bleed a while. And then rise up to fight again"

Jumbo Package: Isaiah Bond is small, but mighty

Alabama news and links to tide you over during the bye week

Jumbo Package: Is Jalen Milroe secretly the SEC’s second-best quarterback?

I thought I had hot takes...

Jumbo Package: Hoops season is just around the corner

And Nate Oats still has the coolest jacket in all of Alabama’s athletic department

Gump Day Jumbo Package: ‘Bama players ready to get rid of the “bad taste” from last year’s UT loss

Who’s ready to kick this one off already?!

Jumbo Package: Is Alabama really a Sleeper pick these days?

I am unsure how to feel

Gump Day Jumbo Package Double Edition! The Tide have improved as Milroe has become a pocket passer

This team lives and dies by No. 4’s arm, not his legs.

Jumbo Package: Jalen Milroe is FAST

Tide QB would be the fastest QB ball carrier in the NFL this year.

Happy Gump Day! Texas A&M decides to give Alabama some locker room material

Plenty of Gump to get you over that hump

Jumbo Package: Tim Keenan’s Emergence could be Huge for Alabama

An improving defensive line with a nose tackle who can make plays? Count me in.

Happy Gump Day! Has the offensive line finally found some answers...and leadership?

Is Pritchett the answer? And is Booker the leader?

Jumbo Package: Stick a fork in ‘em, the Tide is cooked

Why even play the rest of the season? Alabama might as well forfeit if you read the articles flying around right now

Gump Day: With their backs to the wall, have the Tide found their leader?

It’s your show now, Milroe. Go do something with it.

Jumbo Package: Is it just me, or does Nick Saban seem a bit more intensely focused again?

From talking about criticism being legit and insinuating that no starter’s jobs are safe unless they perform, Nick Saban sounds freshly energized to terrorize college football

Anti-Gump Day: Entitlement, Offensive Line Regression, and Generational Infighting

Sorry, there’s no way to sugar coat all of the news out of Tuscaloosa the past 24 hours.

Jumbo Package: Nick Saban speaks to the media ahead of MTSU game

Can Alabama reduce the amount of penalties in 2023?

Happy Gump Day! Will Alabama round into form as the SEC’s most dominant team by year-end?

And, if so, are we getting Ohio State - Bammer Round 3?

Jumbo Package: Depth chart begins shaking out, as Alabama starts season-long opponent preparation

Meanwhile, the Tide begins prepping for its season-opener on Friday.

Jumbo Package: Gump Day!

Alabama lands 4 on Coaches Preseason All-SEC

Jumbo Package: Where does Alabama’s QB situation stand?

There’s a lot of rumors and questions flying around, but Nick Saban is happy to let things play out before we know Alabama’s QB for 2023

Girthy Gump Day Jumbo Package: Quarterbacks have still not seized the opportunity in front of them

Don’t shoot the messenger

Jumbo Package: Alabama’s OL looking to return to being a dominant group

Nick Saban say Alabama has 6-7 starting caliber guys... Now they just have to figure out the best order

Jumbo Package: The for-profit, venture capitalist-created conference is a lot closer than you think

Yep. Blame the playoffs for this monstrosity too.

Jumbo Package: It’s that time of year again. Is Alabama WR-U?

I mean, it’s definitely not Auburn


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