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Keeps the Dream Alive R10:

From the morning, past the evening, to the end of the light...

Behind the movie scenes...

There’s dancing... dancing surely to happen in the homes and streets and nightclubs of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham and Huntsville and Mobile tomorrow night. Why not go ahead and crank it up a little early, brothers and sisters? I’ve only brought a random ten (plus one) songs to get this party started, so y’all gonna hafta add some more music in the comment section per usual. Let’s go! There’s dancing... and singing... to do today! Let’s roll!

  1. Brimful of Asha by Cornershop
  2. Empire Builder by Urge Overkill
  3. Breakdown by Tom Petty
  4. Back On the Chain Gang by Pretenders
  5. Break the Glass by Superchunk
  6. Don’t Let It Bring You Down by Neil Young
  7. Sheila Take a Bow by The Smiths
  8. Doo Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing) by Zapp
  9. Love You Till Friday (Live) by The Replacements
  10. Cracked by OFF!

Bonus: Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison